From tools that help create a kid-friendlier Internet to an AI that recognizes signs of bullying and intuits risks of self-harm, Securly's solutions fulfill its core mission: to keep kids safe online.

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Owl has been a dependable partner to Securly through our highs and lows. When it comes to the value of such a partnership to an entrepreneur, the lows are always more important than the highs - in this regard, I could not speak more highly of the firm.

Bharath Madhusudan

Co-founder and CEO

Securly is an EdTech company whose mission is to keep students safe and productive at school and at home. Wherever digital devices are used, Securly’s cloud-based products work to filter content, manage apps, ensure compliance, alert schools to cyberbullying and self-harm, while engaging teachers, students, and parents. Securly’s patented automation and AI sentiment analysis, combined with 24/7 human monitoring by trained safety experts, protect over 10 million students each day. Awarded for innovation and customer service, Securly is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices on three continents.