Imbellus builds simulation based assessments to evaluate how people think, not just what they know.

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Imbellus was looking for a partner ready to go deep on assessment with a big bet and sophisticated understanding of the assessment landscape. Owl dug in and worked from first principles. Owl has been a thoughtful, high-conviction partner. As a board participant, Owl prepares, engages, and acts to work through strategy and tactical challenges. Owl's network of LPs and its ties into industry and education sector leaders continues to bring value to Imbellus.

Rebecca Kantar

CEO & Founder of Imbellus

Imbellus builds simulation-based cognitive assessments to evaluate 21st century skills like problem solving, systems thinking, and decision making. Imbellus studies these skills in action with employer partners and then brings that understanding to the education space for use in high-stakes standardized tests.