Bakpax helps teachers be teachers, not graders by reading student handwriting and grading assignments.

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Bakpax is tackling one of the greatest challenges facing teachers: grading. Teachers report that they spend 10 to 20 hours on average per week on grading alone.

BakPax is creating a platform that will be the hub of daily activity for a teacher. The platform will leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to auto-grade student homework, and provide daily actionable insights for teachers from this formative data. The real-time data will help teachers better tailor day-to-day instruction for their students.

BakPax will use a student’s personal mastery data as the building blocks of a universal learning profile. Students will have access to their profiles so they can take control of their own learning experience. Additionally, the company will offer a data-analytics suite with tools to improve student engagement and academic outcomes for school and district leaders. The platform will generate study groups, refer students to academic advisors and predict student outcomes.