Abl offers a cloud-based platform that provides district leaders with insights by analyzing the fundamental blueprint for every school - the schedule - and tools to support school leaders to take action on those insights for systemic improvement.

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Owl has been invaluable in its assistance to Abl over the last year – including helping to strategize on impact metrics for school districts and assisting with sourcing third party financial support to stabilize Abl’s operations.

Howard Bell


Schools have become increasingly complex and are working hard to serve their constantly changing demographics. More than 72 percent of school leaders believe they “lack the necessary resources, such as time and staff support, to accomplish what is required to lead the school effectively.” School schedules reflect the many choices and trade-offs of district and school leaders and reflect the lived experience of students and staff. Current scheduling tools do not allow district and school leaders to realize their priorities due to the complexities of today’s school environment.

School schedules can unlock insights into students' ability to access quality instruction. To realize and measure continuous improvement toward affecting district priorities, Abl offers analysis, software and coaching to help district leaders address equity and access, maximize resource efficiency, and improve college readiness. By analyzing data through the District Scheduling Audit dashboard, district leaders can visualize the student and staff experience and evaluate where there are opportunities to improve across the district. Abl’s Master Scheduler platform helps districts support school leaders to take action on those insights for true systemic improvement. With the ability to handle increasingly complex schedules, the Scheduler visualizes real-time tradeoffs, tracks progress, and help schools build strategic master schedules that reflect district priorities.