A Note from Our CEO: Online Distance Learning Solutions During School Closures

March 20, 2020

By Vinay Mahadik


Dear Educators and Admins,

As I sat down to write to our schools a supportive message about the Coronavirus, I realized that if I were you, the last thing I’d want to see is yet another message from a company offering their solution for free. However, being inundated with questions from teachers and parents dealing with school closures, and my own experience dealing with our nine-year-old son at home, compelled me to share this guidance with the broader community through this letter.

What Teachers and Parents Will Need from 1:1 Initiatives During Closures

As admins rush to get the 1:1 devices sent out amid closures, we’re finding that beyond web filtering and MDM solutions, admins may overlook what parents and teachers may want over the coming months.

Parents will want to manage the screen-time, filtered websites, and categories on these devices, while teachers will want to manage virtual classrooms remotely.

When you are ready, we look forward to chatting with you about our 1:1 Cloud solution which was built with the express purpose of managing 1:1 devices in-school and maintaining education off-campus.

Securly Home is Now Free for all School Districts Through the School Closures

For the many school districts that use our free Chromebook web filtering solution, we are offering our Home app for free for as long as your schools are closed. As many of our paid Filter customers know, this solution will enable your parent community to use mobile apps to manage filtering, get reports on online activity, and manage the screen-time on their kids’ 1:1 school devices — while the kids are off-campus.

Many of you have been asking about Home already, so we are hosting a webinar to answer all your questions and help you and your parents get set up. Sign up here if you have questions and want to learn more.

School Budgets, Emergencies, and Delays — We Are Here to Help

We will work with you on any last-minute rush to get devices out, figure out a price that works within your budget, and, of course, extend your trials to work around your schedule through the end of the school year.

We have been working extended hours and helping various admins get onboarded rapidly onto their new take-home 1:1 initiatives during these school closures — without the admins having to leave their homes. We are confident that your students, teachers, and parents are going to benefit immensely from these solutions.

Thank you for working tirelessly through these times. Stay safe.


Vinay Mahadik - Co-founder and CEO, Securly, Inc.