Celebrating 2019 and Quizlet’s impact

December 12, 2019

By Matthew Glotzbach


It’s been an incredible year for us at Quizlet and we have a lot to celebrate. While I spend a lot of my time focused on the numbers behind our business — how many students sign up or how many questions are answered each day, for example — it’s the stories of how Quizlet has helped individuals that consistently amaze and inspire me.

At Quizlet, we believe with tenacity and guidance anyone can learn anything. And as we help you build momentum and make progress, we know it’s just as important to celebrate your wins along the way. The numbers tell part of what we do, but the individual stories truly bring to light why Quizlet is turned to, again and again, for students working to reach their learning goals.

On that note, we are excited to publish our Quizlet 2019 Impact Report. You can download it here.

Join us in celebrating recent achievements of students and educators across the Quizlet community, including a blogger and public health major on her way to starting a non-profit, a once-undocumented student now turned Teacher of the Year, and a history buff and technologist who became a TV game show winner.

With over 50 million monthly active users learning across 130 countries, our impact around the globe has never been greater.

Whether its a goal to ace an exam in school, a strategic move to master a skill for work, or even a chance to change career paths by passing a certification or assessment, Quizlet is helping students everywhere prepare with confidence.

Here’s to closing out a big year of studying — congrats to everyone whose hard work has had an impact on their own learning and the learning of others!