Current Portfolio

Abl. is building a software platform that seeks to become the operating system for 21st century schools. Their mission is to transform education by helping schools create flexible and collaborative learning environments by better leveraging their time and resources.

Founded at Rice University, Accelerate Learning has grown from a single product, STEMscopes, to a brand that now offers a variety of curriculum and professional development solutions that support early learning, Next Generation Science Standards, and state-aligned curriculum. 

Bakpax is a stealth-mode education technology startup using AI and Big Data to improve the lives of K-12 teachers and students. Teachers are overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. Bakpax wants to help carry some of the load.


BenchPrep enables the world's leading education, training, and assessment companies to build and deliver best-in-class online learning programs. The Company’s innovative enterprise SaaS learner success solutions incorporate the latest in learner-centered technology, including personalization, gamification, data science, usability and omni-channel delivery. More than 3 million learners have used BenchPrep’s platform to attain academic and professional success.

BetterLesson offers personalized professional development for K-12 teachers and administrators. The company delivers one-on-one virtual coaching, asynchronous support, and research-based, teacher-created strategies through a platform that can be accessed via the web or on mobile devices.

Degreed is a lifelong learning platform that helps individuals and organizations find, track, and recognize all learning. They are helping 3+ million people at over 150 organizations build the skills they need to invent the future.


DreamBox® Learning is a K-8 adaptive learning math platform that captures every decision a student makes while working in the program. The platform has the ability to collect more than 50,000 data points during every hour that a student uses the platform and millions of paths through its curriculum.

Imbellus builds simulation-based cognitive assessments to evaluate how people think instead of what they know. Today, they're partnering with companies known for skills like problem solving, inquiry, analysis, and imagination that are critical to a rapidly changing world of work. Eventually Imbellus seeks to replace standardized tests. By reinventing the way we measure human potential, Imbellus will unlock opportunities to transform education for the next generation.

Kiddom is an operating system for K-12 classrooms that helps teachers plan, assess, and analyze learning. Kiddom solves a significant pain point for educators by integrating workflow and data enabling teachers and learners to unlock their full potential. 


Kuali delivers administrative software built specifically for higher education to more than 160 institutions using modern, cloud-based technologies. Thoughtfully-designed software streamlines processes to significantly reduce costs for student services, financials, research, and continuity planning.

Labster is dedicated to developing fully interactive advanced laboratory simulations that are designed to stimulate students' natural curiosity and highlight the connection between science and the real world. Labster works with leading educational institutions around the world to improve science learning, resulting in collaborations with over 150 institutions in 25 countries.

LearnZillion offers a world-class digital curriculum and professional development platform that helps schools transition to the new standards. It was founded by a former principal and former teacher to serve a mission: helping teachers and parents meet the educational needs of all students.  


LeLe Ketang is a leading online K-12 education content and services platform in China. LeLe addresses China’s K-12 educational access challenge by leveraging technology to bring high quality digital content and teaching to all students.

Lingo Live teaches employees at multinational companies to gain the English communication skills they need to move up in their career through live, personalized online lessons with native instructors over video conference. Lingo Live has taught employees at many of the largest and most innovative companies around the globe.

Newsela is addressing the needs of billions of students, adults and English language learners around the world who struggle to understand the content they want to read. Newsela's transformative literacy tool delivers daily news content at five reading levels and provides customized analytics to improve reading ability. 


Noodle Partners is an online program manager that provides the tools, services, and technology for institutions of higher education to offer high-quality, career-focused programs online. 


Panorama Education is bringing the power of data to education through an online platform. They help school districts, charter networks, and state governments conduct surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff providing the analytical tools and solutions for improving schools.


Piper is a DIY computer kit that teaches engineering and programming to young students. Students assemble their own computer, with over 100 components, and then advance through a version of Minecraft Story. This hands-on approach promotes active problem-solving and empowers young people to help create the future.


Quizlet's study tools and applications are used by tens of millions of learners and teachers daily in countries around the world. Originally created by a high school sophomore to study French vocabulary, Quizlet is now one of the largest educational platforms in the world.


Raftr is a social and campus specific comprehensive communications platform for universities and students. Raftr drives student engagement on campus in a safe and secure network environment. The platform allows students to stay current on campus events with personalized feeds, notifications and also have the ability to discover and connect with other students with similar interests.


Raise is revolutionizing the way billions of dollars in college scholarships are accessed and distributed. Raise's online platform enables students to earn scholarships from colleges based on their academic and extracurricular achievements throughout high school.   


Securly is a cloud-based web-filtering solution designed to meet the needs of K-12 schools and parents that is re-shaping long held views on what it means to keep kids safe online. Securly filters unsafe social media, inappropriate websites and detects cyberbullying, threats of self-harm, and potential violence.


SV Academy is an online, 12-week, tuition-free skill building and mentorship program that connects job-seekers with employers hiring for full-time sales roles in tech. The company provides mentorship, job placement assistance, and post-hire support such as alumni networking events and coaching, with 70% of its graduates promoted in the first year. SV Academy works with more than 150 top technology companies.


Swing Education is tackling the national substitute teacher shortage by offering an easy-to-use platform that connects quality, vetted substitute teachers with K-12 schools that need them. The company offers an end-to-end solution that helps schools offload tedious work associated with finding substitute teachers such as year-round recruiting, fingerprinting, permitting, onboarding, and payment to substitute teachers. 


Thinkful is a new type of school that brings high-growth tech careers to ambitious people everywhere. The company provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts, hiring partners, and online platform to deliver a structured and flexible education. Thinkful offers programs in web development and data science, with in-person communities in up-and-coming tech hubs around the U.S.


Tinkergarten is the leading provider of outdoor early childhood education. Tinkergarten's technology platform, unique workforce model, and fast growing network of leaders bring high quality, play-based early learning to families across
48 states.